June 2013


 We had a phone call one evening to say that a pair of wild geese and three goslings had been found on a busy road. The lady that found them herded them into her garden and kept them there with food until our arrival. We arrived around 8pm and managed to herd them into the lady's garage where we managed to get all five safely into a large travel carrier. We drove them to the nearest lake that we believe they had originally come from and released them. It was a lovely sight to watch them swim away safe and happy to be back in the water.

 We sheared the sheep



Im not sure if you all remember Norma an ex dairy goat that we saved from awful conditions and from slaughter. This is her when she came to us, a very skinny and scared mess.
She has now found a wonderful home and please see her in the next picture as she is now.

Before                                                                       After



We would like to say a huge thank you to The John and Kathleen Memorial Fund for Animals who have kindly donated £15,000 for our barn project. This is a huge step forward for the sanctuary. Please click here for the full story.





This lucky bearded dragon has now found a loving home. She was found on the side of the A45 between Stanick and Raunds. Two teenagers had found her and brought her straight to us.
Not having any experience with exotics we rang luton reptile rescue who kindly helped.We kept her over night and became very attached to her in such a short time, it was sad to see an innocent creature suffering as a result of human negligence. It turns out that she has been very badly mistreated resulting in an s shaped spine. This is due to not having enough calcium and possibly being kept in cramped living conditions. It is also through poor breeding. The vet that looked at her said it was one of the worst cases they had seen. The rspca are investigating further, it was later discovered that she was stolen and tried to be sold to a reptile shop, we then think they dumped her on the side of the road. 
We would like to thank Luton reptlie rescue for getting her back to health and to Bruce and Claudine for offering her a forever home for life, she will be truly loved and cared for.


Bradley one of our large white pigs that was saved from factory farming has sadly had to be put to sleep. It was a painful decision to make as he really was a gentle sweet natured boy. He suddenly went off his feet and couldn't get back up. After a week of nursing him and giving him pain relief, our vet advised that he would not improve. He had severely injured his spine. If only more people got to meet these amazing creatures they would see just how cruel the world of factory farming is.