July 2013

 Four baby hedgehogs were brought into us last night when someone disturbed their nest. They need syringe feeding every few hours.


 We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Milton Keynes open university for donating 200 bales of hay, it is a huge help and our cows and horses love it!

 The last three days we have spent mucking out our cows. Unlike horses you cannot muck out a cow thoroughly daily, instead you deep litter. Deep littering is where you keep putting fresh straw on top of the old bed, this provides heat through out the winter. They have now been mucked out thoroughly now summers here. The process of deep littering will start over again in the winter.

 One of our permanent residents being sensible in the heat. Suki our lurcher x came into the sanctuary 5 years ago. She was used and abused for hare coursing. She was terrified of people and would run all the way home to the original owner (2miles). Once she learnt to trust one of us she never looked back and continues to be my permanent shadow and faithful friend.


Little Violet was handed into our care last week. She had been found and attacked by a dog. When she arrived she had puncture wounds all over her face and we were not sure if she would survive. After days of constant nursing she is showing signs that she will survive. She wants constant cuddles as she misses the warmth of her mum.