May 2014

Beautiful Millie has had the farrier out today! It is very positive news. Our farrier is confident that within 6-8month she should regain normal hooves if she has her feet maintained on a regular basis. Both our vet and our farrier are convinced that she has been seriously neglected for most of her life. Fingers crossed that this gorgeous pony can live a more comfortable happy retirement for the rest of her life with us.

Some of our horses enjoying the weather. You can also see Millie in the background enjoying the company of her new friends. She even trotted around the field after having her feet trimmed. Marley the miniature Shetland is looking for a forever home.

Our newest arrival. Seven day old Douglas the calf. In order for people to drink milk a female cow has to have a baby. These male calves are little more than a by product and taken away from mum at two days old and killed for veal.
You can meet this lucky boy at our open day on Sunday.