March 2015

Please sponsor Simon Hobbs one of our supporters who is walking 50 miles to raise money for us. He will start from the ridgeway Hertfordshire and walk 50 miles to Oxfordshire. Simon will begin his walk on 29th may camping overnight and finishing on 30th may. You can either donate through our webiste (paypal) or email us for a sponsorship form.
Thank you and Good luck Simon.


A huge thank you to the woodlands trust for donating 420 saplings to plant around the sanctuary for wildlife, shelter and the future.




A huge thanks to Hedg,Kelly, Sophie and sue for planting trees this morning. It was lovely to spend time with sue.

We would like to say I huge thank you to William who is staying at the sanctuary for two weeks to help out. So far he has planted over 300 trees! We have a great team of helpers today planting the remaining trees. Photos to follow later.

Two of our goats had a visit to ringstead school this morning to meet the children. They loved the attention and were very well behaved apart from trying to eat the children's coats! Fi, ed and Felix were bottle fed from young, they love walks on a lead and kisses.


The sheep enjoying being in the field after months in the winter barns

This poor little innocent lurcher was found on the road just outside the sanctuary this morning exhausted and lost. She was bleeding badly from her back end and had to be carried into our house. She collapsed into one of our dog baskets and had the look of a dog so abused that she had given up on life and couldn't take anymore. She smelt awful, her nails were twisted and her teats were huge so obvious signs of a breeding machine. We took her straight to our vets, I personally was an emotional wreck and cannot understand how a human being could do this to such a sweet innocent little creature. our vet explained that she has recently given birth and the birth went very wrong. She also has internal bleeding and infections. We hate to think what happened to the puppies. She is now on a drip and having scans. The vets bill to save her life is going to be huge into the thousands so please consider donations towards her care and fingers crossed she will pull through. If she recovers she will be given the love and care that she has probably never seen in her life.