July 2015

This stunning boy, now named Gizmo was abandoned in a farmers field. He was in danger of being killed if a place was not found for him. We collected him this morning and he was surprisingly keen on getting into our horse box. He is now safe on the sanctuary and will have a visit from our vet and farrier soon. He is lame on one side and will need castrating. Any donations towards his care would be gratefully received. Castration will cost around £200 and we do not know how much it will cost to treat his lameness. Thank you to Becky Steers for looking after him for the few weeks he was abandoned out in the farmers fields.

       Gizmo on his way to castration! (right) Gizmo meeting our horses(middle)

Gizmo is now fit and well and has joined our horses in the fields.







Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary's photo.

Lily, Beatrice and Rosie have moved into violets old enclosure as they were bullying our nine other pigs. Now all pigs are happy in their new places and violet has many new friends in the pig pen.


Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary's photo.

Great news! Winston's luxury upvc kennel will be starting work around the 2nd September. Winston who has been with us for five years will get the comfort he deserves. Poor Winston cannot be re-homed or live in a house as he has a lot of issues from past abuse. His new kennel will have heating for winter,a tiled floor, settee and other luxuries inside and will be made out of upvc. Peticular pens will be carrying out the work for us again after they made such an amazing cattery for us.


Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary's photo.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MILTON KEYNES OPEN UNIVERSITY for donating 300 bales of hay! We cannot express what an amazing help it is to the sanctuary. Our cows, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and guinea pigs love it. Thanks again to the usual team that helped collect it.