Dec/Jan 2016

Flossie the ewe rescued.

  01/01/16 This poor ewe was attacked by a dog on saturday and was left until monday evening on her side as the farmer refused to get a vet to her. Two members of the public found her yesterday and we went to her rescue. Her leg is in a terrible state and it took our team most of the evening to clean, bandage and give medication to the poor girl. Our vets have just been to see her and the leg has to be amputated but its difficult to know if she will make the operation because of the ter...rible condition that she is in. The nerve in her leg is completely chewed through.They have also made us aware that she is pregnant. She is also very underweight and has been seriously neglected. Please help us give this girl a chance to have a life here at the sanctuary where she can live happily with our flock of sheep.The operation will cost between £700-£800 any donations towards this would be greatly appreciated. We will keep you updated on her progress.



Flossie has started to stand unaided on her three good legs which gives us hope for her future. She is also enjoying sheep cubes and hay. She will be going for operation on friday morning.
Thank you so much to everyone that has donated towards her operation, so far we have raised £250. Your support is greatly appreciated.
We will update you on Flossies progress over the next few days and let you know how her operation goes. Fingers crossed. She is definetely a fighter.


Flossie is making such good progress and responding well to nursing and antibiotics, that our vet now feels it is safe to delay her operation with a view to giving birth, as theres a good chance the anesthetic will kill her lambs causing a miscarraige. Theres also less chance of large bleeds during the operation. She will be closeley monitored over the next week and the next vet visit is on sunday. She is now able to get up by herself and is getting stronger each day.

  11/02/16Flossie is going from strength to strength. She has been moved into our back barn where she can be next to our flock of sheep for comfort.I think she is starting to enjoy her new life, especially the hand feeding!We have had a visit from a specialist vet who is hopeful that her leg can be healed and made into a support so she doesnt have to get around on three legs. Fingers crossed for Flossie that she can keep the leg. We will know for definate in a few weeks.The wound as horrible as it is has not become infected which is very hopeful.


  25/02/16 UPDATE ON BEAUTIFUL FLOSSIE.Since we last updated you we have had some very positive news and some slightly negative news on her progress.Lets start with the positive. Our vet is very pleased with her back leg and the wound's progress. He thinks there is a good chance that the skin will grow back and in time she will be able to use the leg again. There is healthy tissue growing back and no sign of infection. The wound is healing very very well. We will post some pictures of her wound before and after soon. In herself she is very bright and making friends with Gatsby who lives next to her in the winter barn. On a negative note, unfortunately another wound has been discovered on her front shoulder. The bone on her shoulder has been chipped and small fragments of bone are being rejected by her body. Slowly but surely they are making their way out through the wound. This has caused flossie to struggle on her front right leg. Our worry is that the bone will heal fused together and she will not be able to straighten her leg properly.Her progress is monitiored daily and we will update you with any new news soon.


Beautiful Flossie did very well yesterday despite the long journey and tests. During an x-ray she was happily munching on an apple! She has really come to trust us and I think she realises we are trying to help her.
The X-ray showed that she has very bad septic arthritis in her front joint most likely caused by the attack. It was so badly inflamed that the vet could not tell if the leg was fractured/broken or not. She was very happy to come home with us a...nd she is now on a different antibiotics for the infection.
When the inflammation goes down she will be having further x-rays.
The back leg has healed fantastically and all that it needs is a brace to keep the hoof the right way up for walking.
Well done Flossie. Lets keep our fingers crossed for her front leg.

Harry rescued

Harry came to us when his owners could no longer keep him. If we hadnt taken him he would have been given back to travellers.
Harry has just been castrated and when he is fit and well after his op will be looking for his forever home. He is three years old, very sweet and is the tiniest minature shetland we have seen!

 19/02/16 Little Harry in his new forever home. He has gone to live with Emma and Daisy the two little ponies that we previously took in.A big thank you to his new family for offering them all a loving home.

New field shelter

We have recently erected a new field shelter on our yard ready for taking in an animal in an emergency.

Our dear pig lily has died.

Lily one of our old disabled factory farmed pigs that we rescued 5 years ago has sadly died of a heart attack. She will be sadly missed by all.