Flossies final op complete

07/05/16. Today Flossie went for her last operation to remove the back hoof after the previous operation failed. So far it is looking really positive. At present she is using it alot better and easier than when she had a damaged hoof. fingers crossed.

Fox rescue

 02/04/16 This morning we had a phone call about an injured fox lying in a field. On arrival we thought she was dead but she started to come to life when we picked her up. She is now on the way to an emergency vet as it looks like she has been poisoned. How anyone can hurt these beautiful creatures is beyond us. We will let you know if she makes it. (picture is from a previous rescue).

  Sadly the female fox that we rushed to an emergency vets yesterday died. We were very hopeful to start with as once on a drip she started to improve then unfortunately went downhill after lunch yesterday. Our vet could not find any injuries and said her heart and lungs were strong. The vet believes that she was poisoned. This is not the first fox to be found poisoned in our area if anyone has any info please get in touch.  

Three beautiful sheep arrive

 19/04/16 Today we saw the arrival of three beautiful sheep, Gladys, Shaun and a beautiful male who currently has no name.Gladys and Shaun have seen no cruelty and were saved by a family who loved them and grew attached to them whilst bottle feeding them as lambs. Both are extremely friendly and loveable. The other male had seen no cruelty but was going to go for meat if we did not have space to take him. He had been living with Gladys and Shaun whilst he was being fattened for meat. All three will spend the rest of their life on the sanctuary.

Flossie news

16/04/16  Fingers crossed for Flossie. Today she will be going in for her operation to remove her front leg and to lock the back leg in place.As soon as we have any news we will update you all.  

Flossie returns from her op

16/04/16  After a sleepless night for us and poor Flossie, all went well with her operation. It was a horrible day yesterday for everyone that cares for her waiting anxiously for news.She spent the night in our utility room so we could give her care through out the night. This morning she was very pleased to see Freddie and bleated when she saw him.She has managed to stand up but is still very wobbly. It will take days/weeks until she gets her strength back and gets used to walking on her back leg now the foot is locked in place.She really is a fighter and was eating pretty much straight away on a waking from her operation. We are confident she will adapt to her new situation and look forward to her full recovery.Any donations towards the cost of her operation and care would be greatly appreciated. ( you can donate through our website or send a cheque made payable to brook farm animal sanctuary). Thank you.

Cows run complete

 02/04/16 The cattle run has now been completed so tb testing for Mark and Lukey is now possible (fingers crossed!). Huge thanks to Richard, Sarah, Dominika and Laura for doing a great job of mucking out the cows.


Poor Cally on stable rest

 19/04/16 Poor Cally is still on stable rest. But the good news is her feet are getting better after constant care and bandaging each day. She can now have a potter around the yard with Millie her best friend for a few hours a day. She will be seeing the vet again on tuesday and if all is well she will have shoes put on her front feet.This means she can return to the fields after weeks inside.