June/July 2016

Welcome Willow, Billy and Bow

04/02/16 Today we saw the arrival of beautiful baby Willow, Billy and Bow the sheep.
Willow is 8 weeks old and was born with crooked legs at the front. She is very small for her age and will need splints on for 6 weeks. She came from a city farm where she was rejected by her mother. She was going to be put to sleep if a place was not found for her. Thank you to the sanctuary that brought her and Billy and Bow to us all the way from liverpool.
Billy and Bow are brother and sister and were saved from slaughter by another sanctuary in Liverpool. Unfortunately the other sanctuary did not have anymore room for sheep and all three have come to us.
We will update you on their progress.


Little Willow the lamb that came in with crooked legs a few weeks ago is doing amazingly well. She has had her splints removed and is full of life running and jumping around the yard in a very sweet and wobbly kind of way! She is improving all the time and we are confident she will be able join our flock in the future.

Welome to the flock April and Jacob


We welcome April (mum) and Jacob (son) to our flock.
Welldone to Paul, Clive and Sarah for going out and catching this beautiful pair. April has Maggots around her bottom due to not being shorn soon enough in the hot weather. This is very dangerous and if left she would slowly die as the maggots work their way into the body. She will now be immedietely treated and the pair will be shorn asap. Look out for pictures within the next few weeks when they join their new family in the field.

After being shorn and wormed April and Jacob meet their new family of 20.