Temporary Closure due to Covid-19!

HELP! We need to do a bulk feed order to guard against the coming months... 

Due to the disruption in delivieries and potentially worse to come over the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are asking if you can please help us with just £3 a month towards food and medicine for the animals at the sanctuary. 

Sadly our normal open days, fundraising events and venues have all obvoiusly been cancelled. This leaves us thousands of pounds behind our normal annual donation income. 

We understand this is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone right now, but please, if you can, just £3 a month will make such a difference to the survival of the sanctuary and animals we care for during these unprecidented times. Please follow the link to either donate as a one off donatoin or make it monthly. Thank you. 

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Welcome to BFAS

Brook Farm Animal Sacntuary (BFAS for short) is an 8 acre Animal Sanctuary based in Raunds, Northamptonshire. We rely entirely on public donations to keep going. Therefore, anything you can contribute towards feed, bedding and veterinary bills, etc, is very much appreciated and a great help towards the longevity and security of BFAS and the important work that we do.

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BFAS | Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for animals. To rescuing them from cruelty, hardship, and neglect. To ensure they live out the remainder of their natural lives in the optimum physical and psychological comfort. Rehoming them when possible but always overseeing their care. We have a non destruct policy except on veterinary advice and where all else has failed.

Happy Piggles Guinea Pig Sanctuary!

Happy Piggles Guinea Pig Sanctuary based here at BFAS, cares exclusively for, rehabilitates and re-homes where possible Guinea Pigs.

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