BFAS Resident Equine

Why not Sponsor a BFAS Resident Horse or Pony?


Diamond and Thai came to us when their person died. Their future was uncertain and they were in danger of being seperated. 

Now they can live together for the rest of the old age.


Millie came to us with terrible laminitis and had terribly overgrown hooves. She was a childs pony for many years but was left without a farrier and treatment for her laminitis. She was due to be put to sleep by another organisation. We decided to take her in and give her a chance. After a year of working with the farrier and restricting her grazing she is now a happy pony that hasnt had lamanitis for ten years! 


Cally was used for eventing, hunting and jumping. She eventually developed kissing spine and threw her rider off. For this she was going to be shot by the local hunt. As soon as we heard we raced to save her. We raised money for an operation. She is now 20 years old and loving retirement with her friends. She can be a moody mare but can you blame her!


Gentle giant Max is an elderly boy at 25 years old. He came to us when his family could not afford him. He was a race horse in his younger years. He is now a happy herd member in the elderly horse gang.

We currently have 10 equine in our care.